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Job Readiness
Work Camp

Oasis Center programs and services include a focus on youth and adults in order to break the cycle of incarceration (prevention).

Opportunities for first time offenders
We target youth with mentoring programs and young adults, 17-24 yrs. of age, who are eligible for criminal court diversion programs which include “expungement” of pending criminal charges and certain past convictions.

Industry recognized certification training
Our participants must express a desire for change and make a commitment to attend all our life skills and cognitive classes. Our job readiness work camp features virtual class facilitation with an in-person facilitator. This class is offered as a prerequisite for most of the living wage jobs offered through the South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) – a prerequisite for free vocational certification to qualified participants, and industry recognized certification training offered through the SDEP. The camp provides job readiness, life and cognitive skills, resume writing, job search assistance, and job placement with corporate partners. Adult education, ESL and on-site low-energy training and placement are available.

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To apply for the Job Readiness Work Camp, complete the the online application on this page. For more information, contact Ruth Burton, or call 972-437-3801 Ext. 2.

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Oasis Center is to highlight the collective synergy being coordinated through the Dallas Social Justice Network, sponsored by Oasis center – highlighting like-minded social change organization that work together to collectively address some of the underlying social disparity issues which negatively impact South Dallas.

Are you able to support the Oasis Center Job Readiness Work Camp

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Hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday
1250 Majesty Drive, Dallas, TX 75247
Administrative Office: (972) 437-3801
Program Office: (214) 426-0902

Oasis Center

The services of Oasis Center are available to immediate relatives of graduates from the Oasis Center job readiness work camp. Our programs and services can also be accessed through the South Dallas Employment Project.


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