"We assist and walk along side of those who face some of the most difficult challenges." – Juanita Lee, CFO


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Oasis Center is a faith based 501© (3) organization that focuses primarily on low/moderate income members of our community; but we are open to all who express the desire for change and make a commitment to attending our life skills and cognitive classes.

Oasis has a first-time youth offender program and works with several of the Dallas County Criminal Diversion Court Programs.

Oasis operates under the belief that reentry begins at the time of arrest and not just post release from incarceration.

Through the Oasis coordination of an evidence-based network of service providers who share a common data system, the network provides comprehensive services and programs for all family members of our clients.

It has been Oasis’ goal from our first day of ministry to assist and walk along side of those who face some of the most difficult challenges in transitioning back into our communities.

Our Mission
To provide life changing programs and services to first time youth offenders and formerly incarcerated persons.

Our Vision
To create a spiritual and social "model program" that can be replicated and scaled.

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  • "Oasis Center has been successful in providing a second chance to hundreds of youth."

    Juanita Lee, Chief Fundraising Officer,
    Board Secretary
  • "I understand the challenges facing formerly incarcerated persons."

    Michael Lee, Chief Executive Officer


Oasis Center programs and services include a focus on youth and adults in order to break the cycle of incarceration (prevention). We target youth with mentoring programs and young adults, 17-24 yrs. of age, who are eligible for criminal court diversion programs which include “expungement” of pending criminal charges and certain past convictions. In addition, we provide assistance to people on probation, formerly incarcerated persons, and their family members. The programs and services of Oasis Center focus primarily on low to moderate income members of our South Dallas Communities. Our Dallas Social Justice Network allows Oasis Center to provide a voice to underserved communites and provide insight for measurable impact relative to systematic racism and social equality.
Our participants must express a desire for change and make a commitment to attend all our life skills and cognitive classes. Our job readiness work camp features virtual class facilitation with an in-person facilitator. Our training classes are scheduled every month starting on a Monday – Friday. The classes are five days, five hours per week, from 9:00am – 2:00pm; lunch included. Our goal for all job placement is career employment starting at living wages. Living wages are calculated from a combination of factors to include marital status and number of children being provided for.

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  • "I’ve got my life together and I don’t smoke anymore. I believe in Christ and I have a much better life."

    Alicia W.
  • "I’ve accomplished a lot with Oasis. I was lost and did not know what I could do in life."

    Princess A.
  • "I have experienced honest living due to being a weekly participant in the Oasis program."

    Jay M.
  • " would be back on the streets doing old habits if it were not for the Oasis program. I’ve learned a lot about myself."

    Margaret C.


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Are you able to support Oasis Center programs and services?


Oasis Center Leadership

A team of highly trained individuals changing the way you experience life.

Overseeing the Oasis Center's life-changing program and services.

Michael Lee

Founder & Chief Strategist

Obie Bussey

Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Burton

Chief Operating Officer

Rose Tooke

Data Administator & Administrative Aid to the Founder & Chief Strategist

DeSean Little-Robinson

Social Media


Richard Conerly

P/T Facilitator

Manuel "Manny" Anchondo

P/T Facilitator

Larry Walker

P/T Facilitator

Gibrón Williams


Roderick Crowder

Digital Specialist

Cindy Taylor


David Flores

Reentry Case Manager

Jessica Jerries

HR Manager


Executive Board of Directors

Randy Box


Principal at Box Financial Services

Obie Bussey

Chief Executive Officer

Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist

Kermit “KT” Moore


VP Marketing & Business Development,
Cadence Design Systems

Kevin Posey

Board Treasurer

Manger, AMAZON


Michael Lee

Retired FBI, Founder of Oasis Center, Strategist, Grant Writer

Juanita M. Lee

Vacation Travel Consultant, Expedia CruiseShipCenters

George Spencer

Retired Insurance Agent, Rotarian

Christopher Pipkin

Director for Church Outreach-Prison Fellowship

Stephanie Fargo

Division Chief, Organized Crime, Dallas D.A.’s Office

Oasis Center Blog

Oasis Center is to highlight the collective synergy being coordinated through the Dallas Social Justice Network, sponsored by Oasis center – highlighting like-minded social change organization that work together to collectively address some of the underlying social disparity issues which negatively impact South Dallas.

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Hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday
4131 N Central Expressway, Ste 900, Dallas 75204
Administrative Office: (972) 437-3801
Program Office: (214) 426-0902

Oasis Center

The services of Oasis Center are available to immediate relatives of graduates from the Oasis Center job readiness work camp. Our programs and services can also be accessed through the South Dallas Employment Project.


Oasis Center
4131 N Central Expy.
Suite 900
Dallas, TX 75204 | Directions

Administrative Office:
(972) 437-3801

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Frazier House
4600 Spring Avenue,
Dallas, TX 75201 | Directions

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Collin County

North Dallas Community Center
2801 E. PGB Hwy.,
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Work Faith Connection
5100 Travis Street,
Houston, TX 77002 | Directions

Operations Center:
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